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Our Ethical Policy

At The Good Place, we believe that all products sold through our site and in store should be produced:

- ethically;
- to at least minimum social labour standards;
- incorporating a sustainable dimension;
- ideally with a fully transparent supply chain;

and businesses should comply with all statutory and other legal requirements relating to the environmental impact, and health and safety of their business.

We are happy to be working with businesses that share our passion for sustainable sourcing and production, and in turn share the following standards:


A. Essential Social Labour Standards

We want to know that our partner brands understand how their products are made, by whom, and under what conditions - at the very least, in the final stage of manufacturing and ideally throughout the entire process.

We ask that they meet all of the following standards as a minimum.

At the final stage of manufacturing i.e. final assembly, final stitching or production (whether this is done in-house, outsourced or subcontracted), the products should be:

made under social labour standards, fair trade schemes or voluntary social labour codes of conduct that at their minimum meet national state laws and also adequately meet and reflect relevant International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions on health and safety, human rights, discrimination, overtime, working hours in the workplace, minimum working age - to whichever level offers the greatest legal minimum level protection in these areas;

in the laws of the country where the finished product is made, that:

- employment is freely chosen;
- national or local minimum wages are paid, whichever is higher (ideally a local living wage);
- no discrimination is practiced;
- no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed;
- working conditions are safe and hygienic;
- working hours are not excessive;
- child labour is not used;
- the right to collective bargaining is respected or alternative means are facilitated;
- ideally regular employment is provided wherever possible.


B. Environmental Standards

Our partner brands apply at least one of the sustainable dimensions listed below.

Being climate smart – using natural resources responsibly by:

minimising waste in the use of packaging and recycling of items;
minimising the use of energy in the production and delivery process or product aftercare;
minimising water usage where it takes away from the local ground water table;
recycling and treating water to allow for re-use, and/or reintroducing into the water table.


By creating products using ingredients or components that are:

made of sustainable materials or natural, organic or sustainable ingredients;
biodegradable or reusable in some way;
processed or dyed with low impact dyes, colour, stains, paints, varnishing or treatments.


C. Animal Welfare

Our partner brands guarantee that where products are made from or containing animal skins, pelts, hides or bone components:

that no endangered species are used;
that they are ideally sourced as a by-product of the meat or fish industry;
that they ideally have a traceable supply chain that treats all living creatures with respect and dignity in their rearing and slaughter.

For skincare and beauty products:

that animals are not used in the testing of any products.


D. Business Behavior

Our partner brands agree to the following standards:

that they at minimum commit to work towards acting ethically within their business dealings, choosing responsible partners who share their values, and achieving a greater level of transparency as far as possible within their supply chain over a realistic time-frame;
in countries where it may occur, they should be aware that they are not dealing directly or indirecty with organisations that are involved in the manufacture of arms and which violate the human rights of its citizens.


Progress …

As our partner brands' businesses grow, so will their commitment towards sustainable sourcing and production, in order to create a completely transparent supply chain.  As we learn about this progress, and how the businesses commit to strengthening their relationships with the communities they work with, we will be sure to share this information with you.

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