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Charmed Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Necklace Charmed Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Necklace Charmed Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Necklace


Charmed Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Necklace
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Why We Love It

A lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with breathtaking beauty. It is against this imagery that “Senhoa” was conceptualized to represent the women and children they work with.

The Senhoa lotus flower is an enduring symbol of innocence, resilience and hope.

Product Details

Pendant necklace made with Sterling Silver.
Handmade in America.

Size and Fit

Chain Length: 20cm
Pendant size: 2cm x 3cm

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Standard price for UK delivery: Free Delivery (1-3 days)
Standard price for European delivery: £12.99 (3-10 days)
Standard price for Rest of World Standard Delivery:
£20.00 (5-14 days)

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About Senhoa

Senhoa is a social enterprise specialising in creating stunning high quality artisanal jewellery handmade in Cambodia.  Senhoa chooses to only employ women who have experienced or who are vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation, providing them with access to fair wages, skills training and educational opportunities whilst simultaneously funding preventative programmes focused on education and community building in Cambodia.
Created in 2007, Senhoa ‘Suh-no-a’ is a combination of two words – ‘Sen’ (lotus) and ‘Hoa’ (flower). The lotus flower grows in murky water, rises above the surface and blooms with breathtaking beauty. It’s a striking metaphor that represents the women and children Senhoa works with vulnerable to sexual abuse, exploitation and forced labor.
By purchasing a Senhoa product you help support the women who made, it whilst at the same time advocating for the empowerment of women worldwide!   Essentially, it’s contemporary jewellery raising awareness of contemporary slavery, while supporting and strengthening underprivileged communities in Cambodia. By using fashion as a vehicle Senhoa has been able to gain the support of supermodels, stylists, global magazines and celebrities.

Senhoa's designs feature delicate artisan weaving techniques, Swarovski crystals, antique and precious metals. Many pieces offer vintage inspiration, while others feature modern hardware elements that speak to different generations. Many of the Senhoa designs - such as the Charmed by Senhoa collection and Senhoa's Solidaity pendants features the Senhoa lotus flower, an enduring symbol of innocence, resilience and hope - the ideal gifts that do good.



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