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Energise & Sparkle Tea Infusion by Inlight Beauty. Discover the tea collection at The Good Place Energise & Sparkle Tea Infusion by Inlight Beauty. Discover the tea collection at The Good Place


Energise & Sparkle Tea Infusion
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Why We Love It

A majestic and caffeine-free pick me up. Siberian ginseng and rosemary give a natural boost, helping to oxygenate the body whilst peppermint and elderflower lift your mood and leave you with a delicious wholesome taste.
100% organic & caffeine free

Product Details

Key ingredients: Elderflower, peppermint, ginseng

Why choose loose leaves? Inlight believe that important properties and original vitality are lost by powdering leaves and flowers. Inlight’s loose-leaf fusions retain their majestic wholeness to bring you undiminished vitality and optimum benefits.

Key features: Wholesome herbs and flowers, formulated by medical herbalist Dr Mariano Spiezia, caffeine free, 100% organic, cruelty free & suitable for vegans.

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About Inlight Beauty

Inlight believe in an inner beauty stemming from vibrant health, and aim to reveal and encourage the natural beauty and inner light in each and every one of us through healthy, radiant skin. Dr Spieza the founder of Inlight brings a lifetime of knowledge as a doctor in medicine, medical herbalist and renowned skin expert. Inlight is made from specially selected, 100% organic Soil Association certified ingredients which are used to craft each product. With understanding that nature is at its richest when it's allowed to grow unhindered by fertilisers, pesticides and GM contamination. Inlight is proud to be the very first UK skincare company to gain Cosmos accreditation and will continue to work closely with the Soil Association to maintain the best possible standards in the beauty industry. Inlight meticulously source and blend the very best organic ingredients, chosen for their natural therapeutic and preservative properties. Being oil and plant-based, the entire skincare collection is suitable for vegetarians and our oils for vegans. Ethical beauty means acting with respect for our natural environment and its resources. Inlight act on a daily basis to ensure they tread lightly on this earth. All packaging at Inlight is responsibly and sustainably sourced, recycled where possible and recyclable. Constantly looking at ways to ensure consumption is a conscious, considered choice. 

Inlight beauty 100% organic certified