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Lepcha Weave Rug 800x800 Lepcha Weave Rug 800x800 Lepcha Weave Rug 800x800 Lepcha Weave Rug 800x800


Lepcha Weave Rug 800x800
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Why We Love It

Lepcha are the original tribe/inhabitants of Sikkim a small Himalayan mountain state of the Indian Union. The lepcha’s using a traditional vertical loom with a backstrap on which the designs and motifs of natural elements are woven using extra weft . Nettle Fibres, Wool and cottons were used traditionally to weave Cloths for personal uses. Using this native tribal weaving, this Rongkup collection showcases the unique designs and motifs of Nature and harmony that is synonymous with the Lepcha Community.

Product Details

Material: The Yarns are 100% Cotton

Size and Fit

800" x 800"

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Standard price for Rest of World Standard Delivery:
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About Kuzu

KUZU,The creation of cloth and its different uses represents the intellectual evolution of human kind. How we treat and dress our bodies and surroundings’ says a lot about our character. “Kuzu” meaning “Body” in Bhutia language is an effort to explore the expression of every individual using textile as the medium and push the boundaries towards creating beautiful expressive products.Designed in Sikkim and manufactured in various parts of India, Kuzu creates sustainable clothing and home textiles, working in harmony with nature and in collaboration with various weavers and artisans from the marginal community. All the yarns used are 100% Natural, eco-friendly, sourced from all over India and Nepal, woven into fabrics by various weaving clusters in the entire Himalayan range.