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Rastakuma Waxed Umbrella Rastakuma Waxed Umbrella Rastakuma Waxed Umbrella


Rastakuma Waxed Umbrella
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Why We Love It

Our best-selling Wax-print umbrellas have been a huge success. They will be a fabulous additions to any outfit, taking wild African colours into your rainy days. Skillfully made in South Africa by a price winning company, practical, sturdy and stylish, with a button for automatic opening and a luxurious wooden handle.

Product Details

Made in South Africa

Size and Fit

One size (cm): 89

Delivery and Returns

Standard price for UK delivery: Free Delivery (1-3 days)
Standard price for European delivery: £12.99 (3-10 days)
Standard price for Rest of World Standard Delivery:
£20.00 (5-14 days)

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About Lalibella

The Founders

United by their common passion for African Fashion and craftsmanship, Stefania Calice and Stefanie Ferrario founded Lalibella in 2014. Their dream was to support talented young designers and artisans all around Africa, by designing and importing their unique creations. “We are very lucky to be able to work with exceptional people, who very often change the lives of the community around them”. Committed to make Lalibella “an even bigger positive force”, they are investing all profits of Lalibella into three schools in Ethiopia, which they have been managing through the charity Give A Future for more then 8 years. Give A Future educates thousands of children and adults in Ethiopia. “Investing in sustainable economic and social development - this is what we believe is the most powerful way to fight poverty”.

Lalibella Philosophy

Lalibella’s products are all made in Africa, and are the result of our passion for unique craftsmanship and design. Lalibella aim is to support all those local enterprises that produce stylish pieces and yet very often change the lives of their whole community by giving training, employment, family support.
Lalibella are proud to work with the best designers and artisans all around Africa, and showcase their passion, skills, and drive for a positive change. Lalibella is a social enterprise benefitting thousands of people across several countries in Africa.

The People behind Lalibella products

Behind every one of Lalibella unique products, there is a beautiful life-changing story. They are lucky to meet inspiring companies all around Africa, who not only create beautiful pieces, but also give their employees an opportunity to learn skills and discover their potential. Lalibella aim is to source companies that create the most stylish accessories, with a real life-changing effect around them. Safe, sustainable employment, training and education, are the principles they strongly believe in. We hope you will fall in love with the traditional craftsmanship that is infused into all the unique pieces Lalibella bring together, and will feel the passion that each artisan has put in making them.