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Wood & Slate Platter Wood & Slate Platter Wood & Slate Platter Wood & Slate Platter


Wood & Slate Platter
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Why We Love It

The ultimate serving platter. Slated has specially commissioned a piece of handcrafted Irish wood to compliment the characteristics of the Slate. The result is a perfect marriage of materials with each platter being unique in shape, texture, colour and form.

Product Details

Each Wood & Slate Platter is totally unique, dependent on the natural cut of wood and the hand cut slate rectangle. The slate is removable for easy cleaning.

Size and Fit

Approximately 30cm x 35cm

Delivery and Returns

Standard price for UK delivery: Free Delivery (1-3 days) Standard price for European delivery: £12.99 (3-10 days) Standard price for Rest of World Standard Delivery: £20.00 (5-14 days)

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About Slated

Perfected over generations by the Hammond family, Slated create beautiful refined slate tableware.
The Hammond family, Master Slate Craftsmen, have utilised traditional values and techniques passed from father to son to perfect their trade since the 18th Century. It is this expertise, the Hammond family have, and continue, to roof the iconic churches and colleges of Ireland. It was in 2010, during a family gathering, that Tara Hammond used a piece of fresh cut Slate as a table runner…. intrigued by the possibilities, Tara and Ed Hammond began to explore the diverse uses of Slate in the home and so, Slated was born. Utilising the traditional methods, artisan techniques and of course the original 150 year old Slater’s Knife, each piece from the Slated Range is meticulously handcrafted to enhance the originality and natural elegance of the collection. Due to the natural integrity and durability of the stone, each Slated piece is utterly unique, dependable and enduring, lasting for many generations.